Getting Started

Cosmos have been tested 64bit version of linux (debian, ubuntu) and on Mac OS. It should compile on any UNIX installation. Cosmos is distributed under the GNU General Public Licence v3.

Cosmos is available to download in the following formats:

Dependencies for running Cosmos

The required dependencies to run Cosmos are:


Compiling Cosmos

To compile Cosmos you need these additionnal dependencies:

Note that on Mac OS all the dependencies can be installed with brew after installing XCode. On debian you can install all the dependencies with
apt-get install -y g++ gnuplot libexpat-dev libboost-dev libz-dev bison flex

Then in a shell write down:

./configure && make && make install

If you want to choose where Cosmos is installed, add the option --prefix target_name

You can now start to use Cosmos, for example by following the tutorial !